Mission Soccer League

              Protocols and Regulations for Games

Correct place where teams have to be on the playing field

*The two teams are not allowed to be on the same side of the field of play, one team must be on the right side of the field and the other team on the left side.

Use of face masks

*All players on the bench must wear their mask at all times without exceptions.

*The coach must have his mask on at all times

Physical distancing

*At all times, you have to keep 6 feet of distance from one person to another.


*It is not allowed to drink water or any other bottled liquid from the same bottle that someone else drinks.

Physical contact

*It is not allowed to shake hands before or after the games, hugs are not allowed either.


*T-shirts or other clothing items are not allowed to be shared during the game.


*All spectators are prohibited from entering the soccer fields.               

*Coaches and players are not allowed to have spectators with them.

Time allowed on soccer fields

*All teams that have already finished their game, please leave the field immediately to prevent the teams that are coming to play the next game from getting together and missing the mandatory distance.

About health

*Any player with disease symptoms such as cough, fever etc. You cannot be on the soccer fields, please stay home.

*The coaches of each team must provide antibacterial gel and clean balls before each game.

*If any player is detected with a high temperature, please notify the coach immediately.

About responsibilities

*Whatever happens on the soccer fields to a player, no one is responsible, every player plays at their own risk.

*All players must be registered in the league’s official game cell.

*All scheduled games will be played exactly at the scheduled time to prevent teams from getting together.